#BeHereNowvember Meditation Challenge

Happy November, folks!

As we swiftly head into colder weather and 2019 is beginning to wind down, I'm inviting you to join me on social media for a month-long daily meditation challenge! The idea is that at least once a day, every day, you carve out a minimum of five minutes to sit with yourself and your breath, and you give (or, for some of us, force) yourself into stillness. Whether meditation for you looks like sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of your altar, if it means sitting parked in your car for a few extra minutes before or after you go to work, if it means taking a calming walk in a quiet place, or if it's different every day, depending on circumstance, I wanna know about it!

Each day of the month I'll post a little snippet about my meditation that morning, and because I am here for the corniness, I'll be using the hashtag #BeHereNowvember. I've also added a chart to jot down brief notes about each meditation in my bullet journal, and I highly recommend doing the same! Especially if you're someone who has trouble getting themselves to a meditative place, but is motivated by checking off that box each day, a daily chart can be a very handy motivator. So follow along this month, and I encourage you to join me in grounding down and finding some time to simply be with yourself!

Unfortunately, our bananas pace of life and modern (read: capitalist) values can make it extremely hard to justify taking the time to look after the less tangible parts of ourselves, but it is so worth finding that time, and you are so worth looking after. Winter is going to kick down our doors any day now, and the holiday season is firmly upon us, and ramping up steadily, so while we buckle in for all the things this next season will bring, let's start from a place of prioritizing self care. Your mental, emotional, and physical well-being are absolutely worth at least five minutes a day. So try to find those minutes, take some deep breaths, and be. Here. Now.

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