What's Up with the Tiny?

It's been a while since I posted any progress on Borealis House, and people always ask me if I'm living in it yet.

The short answer? Unfortunately, no, and I don't have a move in date yet.

The long answer is that I made the decision a while ago that living life as it comes is more important to me than getting the house done quickly (though, frankly, we passed "quickly" over a year ago). After all, part of why I chose to go tiny is so that I have freedoms and flexibilities that you don't have with a big house and giant mortgage. So, I'm living the big life a tiny house affords, just a little in advance!

As it stands, she's 95% wired for electricity and the walls are 90% up, spackled, and ready to be sanded and painted.

There have been lots of small, not particularly photograph-worthy tasks that I completed since last posting, but here are some of the big-ticket items: I put up most of the wall covering, built the bathroom wall, framed the stairs, finished painting the outside, and put the floor down in the loft.

(Excuse the enormous bags popping out of the stairs, I have so much insulation left over, even after buying the smallest amount possible from my local supplier!) Since this photo the bathroom walls have been finished.

Mapping out where my corner bench and kitchen countertop will be!

So, she's getting there, slowly and surely. I would love to be able to say I'll be moved in by a certain date, but between weather, work, and travel, I honestly can't. But I keep working on her when I can, and I'll get there eventually!

Until the next update,

L and BH

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