Setting Intentions for 2018

Well, I've succumbed. Bullet journals, despite their somewhat obnoxious trendiness, have totally won me over. I didn't even start out intending to make one, but it just kind of happened by accident. When my sister and I decided to challenge ourselves to spend January without processed sugar, wheat, or alcohol, it just made sense to put together a notebook with a little chart in it. Handy dandy, right?

Then, as I thought about my personal goals for January (which expanded to include some form of exercise each day and at least 10 minutes of meditation, in addition to keeping track of the six small meals I eat a day), I started to think about things I'd like to challenge myself to do in February, and then goals I have for 2018 as a whole. As I drew up progress charts for February, and a yearlong goal section in the back of the notebook, I realized I was unwittingly making one of those ubiquitous and impossibly perfect bullet journals that have clogged Pinterest and Instagram for the last couple of years (though mine is quite imperfect. I'm deciding it's charming). And, just as I had done with skinny jeans and gluten-free bread, I just shrugged and gave into it, and as with the other two, giving in was the right move.

It's been really therapeutic ticking off those little boxes each night and having a place to brainstorm small, doable challenges for each month, to keep me on my toes and at my best. Turns out having a little notebook nagging at you is a form of self-care I find very helpful.

At the end of each month I'll do a recap, and talk about my upcoming goals, as well as bring up any other year-long objectives I've added! As it stands, I've challenged myself to blog at least 50 times this year, and finally put together a checklist of all the high peaks in the Catskills, something I've been meaning to do for ages.

That's pretty much all there is for now, but I'm quite excited to flesh out what my next months will bring (Ooh, perhaps a theme for each month? I do love a theme.) and have this cheery little encouragement to help me keep track.

I hope 2018 so far finds you well in this strange old world!

Happy January,


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