2017 in Pictures

I rang in 2017 wandering around Bermuda with a group of delightful and adventurous friends. Nothing like New Year's Day spent bicycling to the beach.

At the end of February, my sister and celebrated my birthday with a fabulous sisters' weekend in Saugerties. Spa treatments at Savor, dinner at New World Home Cooking, and drinks at The Red Onion made for a perfect way to usher in 26.

March was a tumultuous month for me, with many different issues coming to a head and spurring a lot of change. A relaxing and restorative weekend with my family, including this nourishing brunch at Fat Radish, provided welcome respite.

Higher temperatures in April meant I could hop back into my tiny house and start closing up the walls.

A post-flow crepe at Little Choc with my sister, yoga teacher extraordinaire, on a sunny day in May.

Spent a wonderful June weekend with a good friend, first attending a beautiful lakeside wedding, and then summiting Mount Washington.

At the end of July I flew to Hawaii for the August wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends. The combination of a wedding completely drenched in love and good vibes, the company of wonderful people, and that unique brand of magic that only islands possess made this trip truly one for the books.

Choosing just one photo to sum up August was a monumental task, as I spent that month celebrating love in Hawaii, having a blast exploring Cuba, reconnecting with family in Nebraska and Colorado, and reconnecting with myself in New Mexico. Ultimately I had to go with this shot of the happy campers: me with my sisters, brother-in-law, and father, romping around the Colorado Rockies.

September found me at the wedding of another old friend, and the fabulous Tessa and I couldn't resist documenting our bridesmaid shenanigans at the photo booth.

My lovely friend Maria came into my life very serendipitously, and I think the fates knew that two women who get so ecstatic simply walking in the woods just had to become friends. We spent a gorgeous October day summiting Pyramid and Gothics in the Adirondacks.

Fulfilling a wish years in the making, my family finally celebrated Thanksgiving at my aunt's Cape Cod beach house, and spent the day after walking along the calm and quiet bay.

My father flew in from the UK and spent this Christmas with my sister, brother-in-law, and me in New York, making for a perfect holiday, and a warm and happy note on which to end 2017.

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