What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Well, clearly, I didn't blog. But quality over quantity, amirite?

To be honest, mostly this summer I was sick. In June I went to Bonnaroo, which was as incredible as ever (radiate positivity, lovelies!), went to a ton of shows, went to two lovely friends' wedding, celebrated my sister's birthday, and visited Boston to see some of my favorite folks. It's a good thing I packed so much awesome into June, because in early July I got Lyme disease, which knocked me on my ass for about a week and a half, and for which the antibiotics were so strong that they put me out of commission for yet another week after that. Giant bummer. I've been sick off and on a bit since I got Lyme (I'm not great with that whole "resting" thing and keep pushing myself too hard), and work on the house has been intermittent, as have spontaneous adventures. But I still had a really delightful summer despite it, and met so many lovely people and found so many simple joys. So, ultimately, no complaints here!

I'll just let you see for yourself: my summer in photos!

It was a pretty lovely season, all in all, and I'm making peace with the impending chilliness. Happy autumn, lovelies!

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