Invisible Progress

To the untrained eye, my house hasn't reeeally changed since December. Little Borealis is still waiting for the rest of her trim and siding, and looks much the same as she has for months. But I have been slowly making progress, even if it's noticeable only to me; the blocking is finally in between the rafters, I've gotten all of the nails out of the big, old mess of free flooring I was given (though it's ultimately in way too poor shape to use), I've spray-foamed any gaps, and done half of the door and window trim outside. She's so close to ready for insulation and electric, and I'm itching to get those walls closed up.

Massive (and massively inconvenient) pile of oak flooring

People keep saying I'm almost done, and so close to finishing, and I waver back and forth between agreeing with them and thinking they're absolutely bonkers. Today I don't feel especially close to completion, but I realize it's ultimately irrelevant; I'll keep plodding along and she'll be done when she's done. In the mean time I have to keep on trucking and stay positive, something that becomes easier as the days get longer and warmer.

Here's to spring and semi-visible forward movement!

#borealishouse #tinyhouse #construction #DIY

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