Snow Day (and Thaw)

This day last week, I headed out to my work site to make sure wee Borealis House was doing okay in the snow. In other words, I was making sure that my still handle-less door hadn't blown open and let the delightfully inconvenient April snow find its way in. Lucky for both of us, it hadn't.

Today, it's almost as cold and blustery, but mercifully snow-free. In fact, yesterday the sun came out long enough not only to melt the rest away, but also to take a gorgeous morning hike, and on the especially steep inclines I warmed up so much I could almost believe it really is Spring!

It did my soul immeasurable good to spend a Sunday in sunshine, and today I spent my afternoon doing something equally uplifting:

Attending a Sanders rally in Albany! I'm a wholehearted Bernie supporter, and seeing him in person was just about as I imagined: he apologized to the 2,000 of us who couldn't fit inside the venue, was well-spoken and to the point, and my fellow supporters were passionate, polite, and friendly. Absolutely a day for the books.

I don't want to launch into a rant about politics (lord knows I certainly could), so I'll just say this instead: it's incredible to see so many people of all ages, races, and beliefs uniting under a common cause, and the fact that a politician's platform could be so based in love is astonishing to me. Whomever you're voting for, it's impossible to deny how revealing this presidential campaign has been, and we need to really pay attention to what the different people in this country want, because there is a lot of unrest and a lot of passion on all sides. It's going to take a whole lot of patience and perseverance to get through whatever comes after this election. But after yesterday I'm feeling quite reassured about our ability to meet what's next head on, and with love.

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