48 Hours in Portsmouth

Every year the lovely Tessa and I try to make time to go on a trip just the two of us. The last couple of years, however, it's been tough to find time (and money), and somehow we managed to go three years without our ladies' getaway.

This year made up for it for sure. We'd each visited Portsmouth, NH on our own, and decided it was a perfect place to take our vacation. I'd been years ago to see Matthew Gray Gubler do a night of storytelling (SUPER fun!), but only got to see the town briefly at night.

We took to Airbnb to find an affordable shelter for our thrifty selves, and it did NOT disappoint. This apartment was the sweetest, with a bed more comfortable than I can describe, and less than ten minutes from the beach. It had a clawfoot tub indoors and a shower outdoors, and a full kitchenette setup. I was ready to move in.

But even more important than where we lay our heads- what we put in our mouths. By the time we got to Portsmouth Tessa and I were ravenous, and headed to Poco's Bow Street Cantina for copious amounts of food and beverage.

A coconut mojito, buffalo cauliflower, and avocado fries later, we were sated, our table was right on the water, and life was beyond good. I was so distracted by the deliciousness that I didn't even photograph the extremely tasty sweet potato tacos I could only eat a quarter of.

After dinner we took a stroll around town and popped into some of the weirder Portsmouth nightlife hotspots (Fat Belly's, I'm looking at you), and headed home to our cozy abode.

Saturday, forecasted to be stormy and cold, dawned sunny and beautiful, and we craved a breakfast equally as gorgeous. So we zipped over to Fresh Press for a nourishing and decadent acai bowl.

This delightful lovely had chocolate and acai topped with banana, pineapple, macadamia nuts, and bee pollen. More, please!

After breakfast, the main reason we'd come to town in the first place- beach time!

Absolute heaven. I hadn't been on a beach for over a year, and my bones were aching for it. Endless thanks to mother nature for blessing us with the PERFECT amount of sun and heat on a day meant to be twenty-five degrees colder!

After an outdoor shower, one of the best things on the planet, we got dressed for a night on the town! Which, naturally, started with food.

Waterside dinner courtesy of The Oar House, followed by more strolling, and some mighty scrumptious port at Popovers on the Square, had us good and ready to dance the night away, which we did.

Sunday morning found us terribly reluctant to leave, but eventually we packed our things and bid farewell to such a lovely home away from home, and went downtown for one last afternoon in Portsmouth.

For me there was only one option for brunch on Sunday- The Friendly Toast. I'd come here for dinner on my visit years ago, and the sandwich was so memorable that I knew I'd never forgive myself for not returning. Apparently it's an opinion held by many, because we had to find a way to kill time during an hour long wait.

We certainly did. We found macarons.

Vegan? Not so much. But La Maison Navarre- manned by beautiful French people, and with food so fresh that when they run out, they run out (no defrosting here!) I couldn't resist trying their macarons. They were heaven, better even than those I've had in France. La Duree, eat your heart out.

With most of our morsels packed away for later, we finally headed to The Friendly Toast and enjoyed the kind of tofu scramble most only dream about.

Avocado, black beans, and seriously nice "sausage" made this the best vegan brunch I've had out. That, and the towering bloody mary.

In the afternoon we did touch of shopping and wandered over to lovely Peirce Island.

Eventually we worked up an appetite and grabbed a late lunch at Book and Bar.

With some goodies from Stock & Spice to bring home!

Eventually we had to admit to ourselves that daily life was calling and our return home inevitable. Leaving Portsmouth was difficult, and it was only with sworn oaths to return that we were able to pack up the car and head back south.

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