Day One!

Last time, I mentioned that replacements for the rods that came welded onto the wrong part of my trailer have arrived. So yesterday I finally started real construction! And lemme tell you, it was NERVEWRACKING. Drilling holes into my precious trailer (and the second most expensive thing I own) made me more nervous than I have been in recent and not-so-recent history. But once I got used to it, I calmed down and started to simply enjoy the feeling of progress. Albeit slow progress. Day one I accomplished exactly this:

And this:

And the one on the other side, obviously. Hardly leaps and bounds. By all rights, I should be frustrated because after day one I've only just got my trailer to the state in which it was supposed to arrive. But I'm actually pretty damn happy about it. Baby steps are still steps, and this baby step was a big one toward keeping my house from falling off somewhere in middle America.

Worth it, no?

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