(Mis)adventure No. 1!

Well. Last time I posted I was all full of excitement to show off pictures of my new trailer. By Monday I realized something is very, very wrong in those pictures.

You see those rods, circled in blue? Definitely supposed to be where the arrows are pointing. I was preeeetty heartbroken about it. I've already attached to my trailer like a mother hen, and the thought of her being faulty is awful. I gave a call to BWise, one of the companies Tumbleweed works with to actually manufacture the trailers, and though they're incredibly friendly every time I've called, I never actually got a true "sorry" for the fact that they messed up, and the replacement rods they agreed to mail out to me ASAP took two and a half weeks to arrive. But at long last I have all my bits and pieces, and once I attach those bad boys, I can officially start in on turning this baby into a house!

#tinyhouse #tiny #house #borealishouse

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