A Birthday Reboot

I haven't been as active on this blog as I initially planned. After only a couple of months, I felt like after texting, Facebook, and Tumblr (plus the world's shortest stints on Twitter and SnapChat), what more could I possibly want to say to the world? And by "the world," I mostly mean the ether, and the odd duck who stumbles here by accident. I didn't have the time to do as much cooking and baking as I like, let alone photograph the process, process the photographs, and type everything up. So I let it slide, and aside from a bit of disappointment for not following through with myself, I didn't feel much of anything about not posting here anymore. But something has changed. A lot has happened this year. I've made some important decisions and realizations. I've met some very wonderful and life-changing people. I went to some soulful and "thin" places. I'm starting to have things to say again. I don't have any expectations of any real type of readership, and that's quite alright, I'm just as happy to have this serve as a personal archive. I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions, I find them to be trite and insincere attempts at behaviour we should all attempt to exhibit year round. That, and the gyms become just unbearable. But I love the idea of birthday goals, of finding areas to improve or exciting ideas to explore. Who cares if you haven't eaten a carb since midnight on December 31st- wouldn't it be more fun to say, "Oh, I've been knitting socks for charity ever since I decided on my 29th birthday to take up a craft," or, "Oh, yeah, 47 was when I found out I love recreational organic chemistry." And even if you don't become a master vintner or published author in one birthday cycle, it ultimately doesn't matter- the point is to celebrate yourself and your existence. You've been here on the earth another year! Isn't that worth starting a project or learning something? So, instead of a New Year's Resolution to start a blog and post every week for a year (ahem, last year), I'm going to celebrate my 24th year on this planet by dedicating myself to thinking more, and rethinking the quality and quantity of my online presence. I'd rather be woefully out of touch with my Facebook feed and Tumblr dash, and have some nice photos and a recipe or two on here. And I'd also rather sacrifice extremely scheduled and regular, rather bland posts for more intermittent, substantial ones. Plus, there are a couple specific projects that I'd love to keep track of on here, but more about that later. Anyway, READER (the online equivalent of "dear diary"), thank you for listening, and I'll be back soon : ) Happy Saturday!

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