Wishlist Wednesday

Ahem. So. It miiiight be Friday, not Wednesday. But I'm a pretty firm believer in "better late than never," so we'll make due. Plus, it gave me inspiration for this week's theme: time-travel! A. I wish I could pop back to Wednesday real quick and make this post then. B. I wish I could go back in time and meet Eleanor of Aquitaine, because she was a seriously badass lady. Plus, maybe we could work out some sort of French-English citizenship deal. C. I wish I could go back to the late 1930's and hang out with Katharine Hepburn on the set of The Philadelphia Story. And sing Lydia, Oh, Lydia with Virginia Weidler. And drool over Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. But mostly I'd just LOVE to be buds with Katharine Hepburn. D. I'm not one to want to know the future, so that has little appeal to me in a time-travel-empowered world. But I would love to go far enough into the future to reach the point when space travel is available to the everyman. RocketBus to Mars? Yes, please. Happy wishful thinking, and happy Valentine's Day!


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