A Love Letter to Souen

While I was living in New York, I didn't do nearly enough of the things I love most about the city. I didn't go to enough galleries or museums, I didn't spend enough time in Central Park, and I most certainly didn't eat out enough at my favorite restaurants. So every time I go back to visit, I'm torn between looking for new places to eat or returning to old haunts, namely among them Pukk, 'S Niceand Souen. A lot of the time I try something new, because it seems like a waste not to, since I'm usually upstate, where there's a grand total of two restaurants with largely vegan menus.

But every once in a while I need to make an exception, and go with what I know and love. And, oh, how I love me some Souen. Such simple, clean food is good for the soul, and I feel at peace with the world and myself every time I step inside. It's my haven. From the waitstaff that never changes to the friendly clientele happily munching on macrobiotic goodness, I breathe a sigh of relief upon entering. While you could certainly argue that some of the menu is overpriced considering it's mostly vegetable-based, the lunch specials are quite reasonable, and making a meal out of several appetizers is another thrifty way to go. This time I had some miso soup, vegetable dumpings and a lemon-cucumber-kale juice, with some green tea to round it out. Though on my recent trip I only had time for a quick lunch, it's lovely to bring a book or journal and take some time to simply eat, drink and be at peace.

#travel #diningout

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