Brunch with the Ladies

Greetings from Brooklyn! I took a last minute trip to visit my sister and her awesome roommates, who just happen to be former coworkers of mine, in their sweet new digs. In addition to the promise of brunch with some of my favorite people, I get to cuddle with this guy:

It's really a win-win. Not to mention we're walking distance to Champ's, the best vegan diner and currently my favorite vegan restaurant in general. So many options, so reasonably priced. Go there.Oh, and someone foolishly thought it was a good idea to introduce me to Dun-well Donuts. A monster has been created, and I will no doubt have dreams about these bad boys for weeks to come.

I hope your weekend is as lovely as the donuts I am about to cram into my face. Happy brunching!


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