Inaugural Wishlist Wednesday

Well, it's disgusting outside. I am NOT a lady that was built for the cold and right now it's about 7 degrees outside. As happens every year, January feels like it's never going to end, and we're not even halfway through. I couldn't tell you whether it's the lack of vitamin D, or the inability to frolic outside, or the impending risk of death by ice/hypothermia/space heater fire, but for some reason January is my least cheerful month of the year. Followed closely by March, but that's another blog post for another time. The icy weather may take away my sloth-like morning "run," my favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables, and all of the feeling in my extremities, but it can never take away my ability to squander hours on the internet daydreaming of (mostly) impossible things. And to honor that noble art of "wasting time," I present you with my first ever weekly post: Wishlist Wednesday! Woohoo! I've decided that each Wednesday I'll put up things I've been daydreaming about/pining after/considering tattooing on my face. We can share our hopes and dreams. That's a thing, right? My hopes and dreams this week are pretty primal: to stay warm. Well, to get warm in the first place and then stay that way.

A. I wish I could live in this house.

B. I wish I could make myself a dirty chai latte with this.

C. I wish I could put this sofa in my cute little house.

D. I wish I could wrap up in this adorable blanket on my adorable sofa. With said latte, of course.

Happy wishful thinking : )


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