New Year, New Blog

Hello, again, internet. I'm back! For several years, I blogged a bit at, intermittently posting and unsure what exactly it was I wanted to say. I liked the idea of posting free printables every week, but had no time to do all that designing. I loved the idea of writing about travel, and while I do take trips at every available opportunity, I don't get to do it frequently enough to sustain a blog. So, with neither a clear aim nor subject matter, I just stopped posting and only occasionally missed having an outlet for talking about a new recipe or project. But almost two years ago I made the decision to go vegan. It's a decision I've gone back and forth on, including some months last year when I went back to eating everything. But ultimately I came back to veganism and what started as an experiment motivated mostly by curiosity has become terribly important to me. So there's my subject matter; there's my aim. I love finding and creating new recipes, trying new foods and restaurants, and exploring and talking about veganism with other people who find it fascinating, too. Plus, I'm sure there will be the odd DIY project and travel photo to put up as well : ) Glad to be back in the world of blogging, and thankful to have an outlet for my interests. Happy eating, and lovely Sunday!

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