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     Thanks for coming to my blog! I'm Linnea, a vegan since 2012, and a baker by trade. I have more hobbies than a reasonable person should, first among them DIYing, travel, and most of all, everything food; writing about it, talking about it, and making it!


    The idea behind Borealis Kitchen comes from my namesake, Carl Linnaeus' favorite flower, the Linnaea Borealis, and my love of exploring with food. But there's another recent and large addition to this site that revolves around Borealis House, my tiny house! I started building in July 2015, and while the heart of this blog will still be about vegan food, I'll also write a lot about ecofriendly living and downsizing!




      Honestly, the longer I'm vegan the more reasons I discover to be so thankful I made the switch, and the more I believe it would benefit others and the planet to adopt a vegan lifestyle, too. But I'm not here to preach or convert, so I'll just say this: 

1) Our food is currently produced in a horrifying manner, both plant and animal, and something has got to change immediately. 

2) Americans consume an absurd surplus of meat and an astonishing deficit of vegetables, and we need to rethink our relationship with our food, bodies, and environment. 


     So my motivation to keep vegan is manifold. Mostly, I feel lighter, energized, clean, and healthy when I eat a plant-based diet. But also, I can't eat animals that weren't given the respect in life they deserved,  the negative  environmental effects of the meat industry are staggering, and the preservatives, chemicals, and processes through which we put our food  put me off entirely. 

      Simply put, I'm vegan because it's better for me, for the animals,

and for the planet.






      I've been fascinated by small, smart dwelling my whole life, and used to relax by drawing up layouts and blueprints for micro dwellings in my free time at school. In college, when I discovered Jay Shafer, his then company Tumbleweed tiny homes, and their beautiful THOWs, I was immediately intrigued. But it was another 5 years later when I decided that, as an aspiring small business owner, a custom, moveable, mortgage-free house was exactly what I needed. 


      Much like being vegan, I do not think living in <200 SF is for everyone. But, just as everyone can make changes in their diet that respect the earth and their own bodies, we can all make changes to our homes and lifestyles that result in less waste, less work (it takes an awful lot less time to clean a 300 SF house versus 3000 SF!), and a kinder impact on the environment.